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Tyres' Insurance

100% protection with your tyre insurance tyres-outlet.ie!

Do not let damaged tyres ruin your day! This is so annoying and yet it is one of the most common causes of car breakdown.

Tyres-outlet.ie offers you a comprehensive insurance that covers tyre replacement in case of a damage. It's Exclusive, Fast and Simple! Just select the insurance option when you order your summer, winter or all-season tyres and add it to your basket.

In case of damages caused by road debris like nail or glass, in case of a blowout or an act of vandalism, your tyre will be replaced. Also, in case of puncture for no apparent reason, you will receive a new tyre. The process is managed via tyres-outlet.ie with direct delivery to your preferred mounting partner.

Take advantage of this insurance when you buy your new tyres.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Fast and simple claim process:

  • Fast order of the replacement tyre(s) on tyres-outlet.ie
  • Nearby fitting at the mounting partner of your choice
  • Simple 24/7 claim declaration via our online form online form
  • Quick refund within 5 business days after acceptance of the claim

What to do in the event of a covered claim?