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Mitas E-07+ 90/90B21 TT 54T M+S marking, Front wheel


Mitas E-07+ 90/90B21 TT 54T M+S marking, Front wheel

Tyre type:
Tyre size
90/90B21 TT 54T M+S marking, Front wheel 
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Speed Index:
T: Approved up to 190 km/h
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at the moment, this product is not in stock
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E-07+ tyre review

Average based on 67 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 6,306
08.06.2023 from Rob
This tyre handles a commute of 1.5 miles rough unpaved surface and loose steep rocky surface, and 40 miles of fast tarmac extremely well.
26.12.2021 from Robert Clohesy
Amazing to own these tyres. They are like wearing combat boots instead of trainers, that sums it up best. They are far grippier and longer lasting than is supposed to be possible. I rode 20 miles with a bad misfire on flooded roads in the pouring rain and these tyres were 100% sure footed. They were not nimble in corners, but they stomp really nicely. I miss the sound they make and the nasty terrain they can chew through and I will be buying them again.
31.08.2019 from Paul S
I chose this tyre for my trip from the UK to Morocco. In summary the tyre was superb and I would choose it again for a similar trip. In the dry there is very little difference in feel between this and a road tyre. The grip is excellent. In the wet the grip is still good but it doesn't quite give the same confidence of a less aggressive adventure tyre or road tyre. The tyre maintained its pressure over the whole 4000 mile trip and the firm carcass protected my cast wheels offroad. I would recommend not airing down offroad. The tyre wear is absolutely superb, I have now covered 6000 miles and I think if I wanted to push it I could do 10,000.
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Brand Mitas
Tyre type Enduro
Model E-07+
Dimension 90/90B21 TT 54T M+S marking, Front wheel
Tyre width 90
Tyre profile 90
Construction type B
Tyre size 21
Tyre load index 54
Speed index (T)
With/Without Valve (TT/TL) Tyre requires tube
M/C Yes
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