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Barum BF 15 265/70 R19.5 140/138M

Stock Level: available
Type of Tyre: Summer tyresSo
Speed Index: M: Approved up to 130 km/h
EAN: 4024063238589
Item No.: R-119277
EU Tyre Label: Roll resistance D Wet grip C Noise emissions 70dB
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€ 324.20
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• Continental's new Barum BF 15 steered axle tyre for short and long distance haulage has been designed to provide excellent mileage, improved grip in the wet and reduced noise levels combined with a competitive purchase price and buy-back value in relation to casing, regroovability and remouldability.

• The design of the new Barum BF 15 relies on four belt plies, which guarantee first-class structural durability for the casing. The innovative groove geometry helps the tyre achieve a long service life and effectively reject stones, which have the potential to damage the casing when they become trapped.

• Long life, and even tread wear throughout the life of the tyre can be expected resulting from the use of an optimised tread contour for even ground pressure, and an improved tread compound.

• Unique microsipes located in the outer tread grooves, which are particularly subject to stress, also extend tyre life. In wet conditions, four wide, circumferential tread grooves on the BF 15 allow the tyre to displace large volumes of water, maximising driving safety.

• The tyre also features numerous lateral and longitudinal sipes creating a large number of edges, which interlock with the road surface improving handling.

• Rugged tyre shoulders and longitudinally orientated tread ribs also offer a precise steering response.
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