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Alliance 350 11.2 R48 142D TL Dual Branding 145A8

Tyre size: 11.2/ R48 142D  Change 
Stock Level: limited stock
Type of Tyre: All-season tyresGAN
Speed Index: D: Approved up to 65 km/h
EAN: 8903635011736
Item No.: R-260900
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€ 867.20
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The wide base tubeless truck tire is designed for special service on cranes, dump trucks and excavators. Excellent traction in all working conditions is provided, as well as resistance to side slip. For best running wheels of vehicles engaged in on-the-road jobs, it is recommended to mount the tires in the opposite direction than usual.
High load variation (HLV) Max. distance for drive wheel should not exceed 1 km.

A special line of radial tires for all types of cultivation, harvesting and spraying jobs. Round shoulders for soil and crop protection. A tough nylon casing and rigid belt provide all the advantages of the radial construction.
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