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Our offer for Mitas 380/90 46

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Mitas AC 85
380/90 R46 159A8 TL Dual Branding 156B
All-season tyres
limited stock
€ 1,549.40
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Petlas TA-120
380/90 R46 159D TL
All-season tyres
limited stock
€ 1,105.10
Barkley BLA01
380/90 R46 157A8 TL Dual Branding 157B
All-season tyres
limited stock
€ 1,406.70
Alliance 363
380/90 R46 168D TL
All-season tyres
limited stock
€ 2,077.60
Unless specified otherwise, the prices are per item and include VAT and delivery within Ireland. The listed prices (when displayed) represent the calculating basis between manufacturers and their dealers in order to determine the selling price. Those are under no circumstances the final selling prices. ***The offered tyres may have a higher speed index than the one you have selected. Using those tyres is not going to cause any problems.


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