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Goodyear Eagle UltraGrip GW-3 205/50 R16 87H

Stock Level: available
Type of Tyre: Winter tyresWi
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol
Speed Index: H: Approved up to 210 km/h
EAN: 5452000931962
Item No.: D60120
EU Tyre Label: Roll resistance F Wet grip C Noise emissions 68dB
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€ 127.50
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  • Total Price:
    € 535.55
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    € 127.50
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    € 25.55

Safe on snow and ice, fast across the highway. Wether smooth or with a grip: the Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3 from Goodyear brings both of the assets into only one tyre.

Thanks to the new bearing surface mixture, the unique 3D-BIS-lamellas-technology as well as the V shaped V-TRED-contact surface profile which ensures the high performance of this winter tyre, the safe stop and small braking distance.

Where the weather and traffic rules permit it, with the speed index V and H, Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3 can allow speeds up to 240 km/h - even with snow, ice or thin water covering the street, the patented 3D-BIS-System from Goodyear comes to work. Hundreds of fine edges resulted from the deformation of the cut profile blocks, claw themselves into the ground literally.

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